How do I change sounds for a specific map

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How do I change sounds for a specific map

Postby Iddeusuario » Wed Jun 10, 2020 7:35 pm

Hello Guys, good Night.

I have a question, how do I change the game sounds on a specific map of a entire wad ?

For example :let's use Doom 2 maps 31 and 32, on those maps instead of playing Doom sounds, whenever the player gets hit or get a health item, the game plays Wolfenstein sounds.

The way to do it, as far as I know, it's to use the SNDSEQ LUMP, however I was told that to play specific sounds I would have to use the Sound Sequence thing (14066) on every sector that needs it's sound changed, I was wondering If there is a easier way to do it.
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Re: How do I change sounds for a specific map

Postby Ravick » Thu Jun 11, 2020 6:17 pm

For sectors, use Sector_ChangeSound.
For actors, such as monsters and players, use SetActorProperty to change its sound properties.
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Re: How do I change sounds for a specific map

Postby Enjay » Thu Jun 11, 2020 6:31 pm

Ravick wrote:For sectors, use Sector_ChangeSound.

Certainly an option but I personally prefer using sound sequence things (unless the sequence needs to be changed during play) or, in UDMF, setting sounds directly in the sector properties.

And while we're on about the soundscape of a map, don't forget reverbs. Such a wonderful feature and very underused IMO.
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