Existence has a seizure when this shotgun ejects shells...

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Existence has a seizure when this shotgun ejects shells...

Postby Coquebern » Fri Sep 21, 2018 7:30 am

Howdy ladies and gents,

I'm new to GZDoom modding, so I thought I'd start with something simple like a shotgun for a DNF something or other I'd like to make for Doom. It's been modelled, animated and implemented and somewhat full functioning (With a lot of help from Wildweasel's gunlab tutorials, the Zdoom wiki, poking through Agent_Ash's 'Beautiful Doom' structure and up until now, lurking in these forums).

Does as the subject line says, but I cannot figure out why...

Here's a download for the more learned of GZDoom modding.
https://ufile.io/zhenl - DNF Shotgun pk3 (Good for 30 days!)

BIG thanks to Wildweasel for his tutorials.

*EDIT: GOT IT SUSSED! - this happens when GZDoom can't find the texture for the custom projectile model. - in this case 'wshotgun_shell.png' was incorrectly named 'wshotgun_casing.png'
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