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Character Skin Compatibility between GZDoom and Zandronum

PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 4:07 pm
by Skwirl
I apologize that this might get a little wordy, convoluted, or outright confusing so I'll try my best to explain. Please ask if something's not clear.

Long story short, as an additional feature to my Countryball Combat mod, I want to make skin WADs that I'm using in my project compatible for both the project itself (being done in GZDoom where I can use hi-res and SBARINFO mods), and Zandronum (which I found was a bit behind and completely distorted these graphics the last time I tried it about a year or so ago), so these very same skins can be used in Zandronum's multiplayer capacities.

Since I can't package the game with Zandronum, and I want the features that GZDoom has that Zandronum doesn't, I'm wondering if there's a way to make the skin wads just once, and have it work seamlessly between the two sourceports.

To produce both the skin and the mugshots, I made them high res .png files so they can scale into custom rects, both the player actor I also had to custom make so it would fit, and the custom HUD I had to make so it looks cleaner. This was all done in GZDoom, which is what I originally intended this to be for.

Here's a sample of S_SKIN text that I use on all of the skin wads if it helps any:
Code: Select allExpand view

And here's a link to the project in its current state if it helps any: (the project itself is the CNBLCMBT folder)

If I have to make two separate sets of these archives, so be it. I was just really hoping not to, because of doing repeat work and on a smaller resolution.