All my 3D models stopped working for no reason whatsoever

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All my 3D models stopped working for no reason whatsoever

Postby hardcore_gamer » Sat May 05, 2018 12:14 pm

I made a new model but for some reason it did not work. This baffled me because I was certain I did everything correctly but no matter what I just get a black box where it is suppose to be. Then I decided to load up an earlier project which had working 3D models and saw that all them had stopped working as well. Here is a old screenshot of all the models working which I submitted to doomworld many weeks ago as well as a new one I took earlier: ... ced6cc.jpg

I have absolutely no idea what has caused this. I have made no alterations to these files. I loaded up the exact same files with the exact same version of gzdoom builder and yet now my models don't work. I don't even get any errors. They just don't work anymore. What the hell?

Any idea what caused this?

EDIT: Never mind. I finally figured out the problem.
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