GZDoom 4.0.0 Released [split]

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GZDoom 4.0.0 Released [split]

Postby Deybar_TECH » Sun Apr 14, 2019 4:36 pm

Hi all.

I wanted to ask you how to replace the new fonts because in my project, these sources have modified the expected appearance of the menus that I was creating.

anyone can try the difference with my (pk3) with a gzdoom before (gzdoom v400)
or watch my video below:


http://www.mediafire.com/file/xtr7l82t2 ... S.pk3/file

besides I'm not upset by the new improvements. since I speak in Latin Spanish.

muchas gracias a todos por traducir al espaƱol latino. :D
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Re: GZDoom 4.0.0 Released [split]

Postby Graf Zahl » Mon Apr 15, 2019 5:18 am

The menu font currently cannot be replaced. This is because firstly, a blanket replacement would remove all the Unicode characters so this has to be done more smartly and with other work to do on the localization this is of lower priority and secondly, there are no decent fonts available in an adequate format. This is not a paletted bitmap font like the old ones but a one-bit-per-pixel raw VGA font that gets heavily processed before being displayed (for the console a shadow and a color gradient gets added programmatically and for the menus an outline gets added.)
Also, considering the language support, if you only replace basic Latin characters, it will look really bad when combined with any extended content you did not replace, so in the end it is very debatable if a replacement is even viable. The old assumption that English will suffice no longer applies, the next release will even contain a fuil Korean translation.

Generally, I very strongly recommend not to replace the menu font anyway. The option menus are a place where end users are supposed to comfortably edit their settings and any styled font there essentially acts as a barrier. You also need to be careful with size. The biggest problem with the old font, aside from poor resolution, was its bulky width that made formatting the option menus very, very problematic. In short: The current menu code wouldn't work anymore with an in-game font.
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Re: GZDoom 4.0.0 Released [split]

Postby Deybar_TECH » Mon Apr 15, 2019 11:27 am

good. so......

I'll have to suspend the special options menu in my project
and adapt me to the new text sources. :cry:

but at least looking inside the new one (gzdoom 400) I could find a way to replace them (menu slider). so I'm happy with that. :)
Since I did not like much using the console source of the (urban brawl)
just to replace that.

Another thing I wanted to ask you is if the effect (Doppler) can return or if
it is already in this new one (gzdoom v400).
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