Need help with Doom Builder!

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Need help with Doom Builder!

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Hello. I want to make maps with doom builder, and have some maps planned out, but with programming things into the map with Doom Builder, I get confused.
I tried looking at video and text tutorials, and all of them confused me, either by missing certain details I needed to know or failing to explain them in a way that I understood properly.
I am better with 1 on 1 type help with a real person so I can ask questions, and I rather not make a whole thread every time I don't get something,
so is there anyone who has enough free time to answer my questions whenever I have them? Sorry if this is a stupid request.

Please help. Thank you.
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Re: Need help with Doom Builder!

Post by ramon.dexter »

We will happily answer your questions. But here are none.
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Re: Need help with Doom Builder!

Post by Kappes Buur »

You want to program things into the map using Doom Builder, what do you mean by programming? What are you trying to accomplish?

There are several categories of programming associated with GZDoom mapping:
  • [wiki]ACS[/wiki] the earliest scripting introduced in ZDoom
  • [wiki]DECORATE[/wiki] for new actors (monsters, weapons, decorations, etc)
  • [wiki]ZSCRIPT[/wiki] to expand on ACS and DECORATE
The WIKI is your friend ™

Also, be aware that Doom Builder or even Doom Builder 2 have not been updated for the last ca. 9 years. Even the descendants GZDoom Builder and GZDoom Builder Bugfix are no longer updated but considerably better than DB or DB2.

The current editor is Ultimate Doom Builder, which is usable only if your graphics card can use OpenGL 3.3 pr above. Then you can also use UDBscript to expand on how to construct a map.

The main difference of these editors is extended functionality and useability with later, newer editor versions.

As ramon.dexter mentioned, there are a number of experienced mappers here on the ZDoom forum who will gladly answers any question you may have.

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