Changing Crushing Ceilings to Doors

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Changing Crushing Ceilings to Doors

Post by barefootstallion »

Hello, everyone.

Barefootstallion here, or BarefootMapMaker, as folks know me on ModDB. Together with Daryn, we are making Dragon Sector - the Remake.

So, I have a question, one I hope you more advanced developers can help me with.

Currently, I am working on map04. In it, I borrowed a page from Doom2's original "Focus" map, in that I have crushing ceilings going up and down as shutters around the rooms to the left, as you enter the map. I am sure everyone remembers those!

So then, I put a switch in one of those rooms, that stop the shutters. Yeah, they were super annoying in the original, weren't they? However, I want to take it one step further. What I am trying to do, is to get the shutters to cycle. They stop crushing, then close down all the way, then after a short pause, they open all the way and stay there.

Or, they're supposed to.

Here is what I've done to try to achieve this effect.

I have seven shutters, tagged 501 through 507.

When you walk into the map, you cross a linedef that sends a voodoo doll down a track, over 7 lines. Tagged 501 through 507, these lines corresponding with the shutters' tags, they start them going up and down with special 197 "Ceiling Crush Start A (Silent)".

Now you get to the switch that is supposed to start the effect.

Here is what the switch does in sequence:

Releases a voodoo doll, which crosses:

Seven lines, tagged 501 through 507, Special 44, "Ceiling Crusher Stop".
Seven lines, tagged 501 through 507, Special 10, "Door Close".
Seven lines, tagged 501 through 507, Special 11, "Door Open"

I've made sure there is plenty of space between the trigger lines in the voodoo doll track to prevent overlap of actions, but all I get, is the "Crusher Stop" and that's it. The two other specials fail to trigger.

I've tried using alternative methods, but get the same lack of results. I've tried using ceiling raise and lower line specials, but no dice.

Is there some way I need to convert the affected sectors from crushers to something else, before these other specials can effect them? I've looked at linedef triggers, but I haven't been able to find anything that might do that.

Can anyone please help?


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