Hubs - level design question

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Hubs - level design question

Postby stevet1 » Mon Nov 22, 2021 10:59 am

Hi, I've been reading about how to make a hub and have a couple of questions about the level design of when to allow returning to the hub etc.
Is it normal, or desirable to allow the player to return back to the hub without finishing the level? Like having a teleport where the player enters that also takes the player back to the hub using teleport to map if the player wants?
Additionally there would be an exit at the end of the level - but what I'm struggling with is that in a lot of examples "NoIntermission" is used so that the imtermission page does not come up when returning to the hub (natch). What I think I want is for the intermission page with the stats to come up when you finish the level, but not if you just want to return to the hub - does that make sense? But I'm not sure how to achieve that, using teleport to map and end level both either trigger the intermission page or depending on if it's enabled.
So - am I approaching this all wrong, or just not implementing the correct actions?
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