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3D Models - Solidity

PostPosted: Thu Mar 11, 2021 11:43 pm
by Moebius
I'm trying to recreate the Alpha Labs 4 map from Doom 3. I initially was just going to use 3D floors as rising and lowering platforms. But the floating platform and turnstile demanded 3D models. So now I'm trying to insert 3D models into Doom 2 maps.
I can make 3D models and have had mixed success applying textures to them. But what I have is passable. What I'm having problems with:
1. I don't fully understand making sprites and lumps for them so the model is shown in my Builder (GZDoom Builder). I get errors for MDLA and its lump. What I end up with is a red "X". Can someone explain?
2.a. Making the 3D models solid. I got the floating platform (Model1) to be solid while it's moving, but if it stops the Player falls through.
2.b. The turnstile model is long and narrow. Neither one seems "solid". They just pass through the Player as oppose to knocking him off. However, if I 'idclip' to the area behind the turnstile he can jump up to the turnstiles and the lower one will stop moving. I'm figuring the Player has touched the 128 radius defined in DECORATE for that model. I put the model into a simple room and the solid area appears to be a 128x128x24 box. Can the 'solid' area of a 3D model be a long box LxWxH or just RxRxH? How do you make a moving 3D model appear to be super heavy/unstoppable compared to the Player?
3. I hope there is an easier way to get the Player to move along with the moving platform then all of the script/coding I'm seeing people using. If the Player doesn't keep walking in the direction of movement then the platform will move out from under him. Is script/coding the only way?
4. I tried to attach a *.pk3 file but Firefox says the connection isn't secure. How do you provide attached files?

Re: 3D Models - Solidity

PostPosted: Fri Mar 12, 2021 1:51 am
by Cherno
1. Please post your actor and MODELDEF defnitions.
2.a. 3D models can't be solid. They are just like sprites: They represent an actor visually. All collision is handled by the actor itself, and an actor can only have a box collider with a width and length of radius * 2 and a height of... height. Also, these colliders do not turn with an actor; they are always oriented the same way.
4. Upload you file to your dropbox or any other filesharing service.

Re: 3D Models - Solidity

PostPosted: Fri Mar 12, 2021 2:44 am
by Moebius ... sp=sharing

It's 109MB as it has all of the D3 Retro textures in it. Filename = d3alpha4.pk3

I'll leave it there for a week.

I figured out the sprite patch issue from #1 question. The changes I made aren't in the *.pk3 file.

And you confirmed my guess on solid box size question.

Re: 3D Models - Solidity

PostPosted: Fri Mar 12, 2021 3:01 am
by Moebius
If you look at the MAP before playing it you'd see what wrote below.
A second Player start is just in front of the double door leading to the moving models area. To start movers there is a scripted line just before the drop off straight ahead from the double door. The moving platform should show up in about 4 secs from the right. You can step on it but have to turn left and walk slowly to match the platform movement. It's dark in there. You can remove the Player Start at the door in any Editor and play from the beginning of what I've completed so far. Elevator lower is on the right-hand side notched rail, no switch yet. Frying Room is not complete. EFR is fixed. First two bridges are activated on wall near where the EFR/Bridge console would be. Third bridge is activated when you go into the room the EFR is fixed at. That brings you to the second Player Start.