Looking for "gloomy/devilish" replacers for DIABLO map.

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Looking for "gloomy/devilish" replacers for DIABLO map.

Postby Deon » Tue Oct 13, 2020 6:55 pm

Good afternoon.

I am developing a (small for now, maybe a project later) map which recreates a "modern Diablo", based on Diablo 1/2/3.

Right now I spent almost 3 nights remaking Tristram, but it didn't "feel right".
Then I got an idea: let me load it in Brutal Doom.

And immediately the church has the exact feel that I want it to have with BD's effects, and zombieman sounds/gore add up to the scene.
Even benign environments such as this bar or this bathroom look better:

Oh yeah, this lighting effect... I am going to love making sewers and crypts with this!

So now, if you have some spare time/knowledge and if you are willing to help, I am asking for some help locating good existing resources that can run "along" with the map to improve the dark feels.
You see, I want the map itself to be WITHOUT any custom assets, so it could be loaded in any configuration without missing textures. But I want to have a "recommended" mod list, so I come to you for advice.
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