(Solved) [ZScript] Multi-Ammo Grenade Launcher

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(Solved) [ZScript] Multi-Ammo Grenade Launcher

Postby Ac!d » Tue Nov 23, 2021 5:16 am

I reworked the Resident Evil 2 M79 Grenade Launcher made by jdredalert with a few changes :

- The ability to change between 4 ammo types (HE, Incendiary, Acid and Cryogenic 40 mm grenade rounds) by pressing Alt-Fire.
- Inventory items used for ammo are replaced by ammo classes which replaces rocketammo and rocketbox.
- I also made a custom hud where you can select the presentation of one or all ammo types of the M79 via a CVar.


But I encounter some issues (for now) :

- If I want to see the ammo selected for the M79 (Server Int AllAmmoTypesOnHud = 0;) and, for exemple, I have only HE rounds, I can't see the icons and the 0 of the other ammo types.
- If I don't have ammo for a selected ammo type, I can't pickup an other M79.


NeoTerraNova send me some PMs with some help in Decorate, and I edited his solutions in ZScript.
Code: Select allExpand view
// Add in the files

// MapInfo
    AddEventHandlers = "M79Handler"

// ZScript
//Giving the item to the player
Class M79Handler : EventHandler
    Override void WorldThingSpawned(WorldEvent e)
        If(e.Thing is "PlayerPawn" && !e.Thing.FindInventory("RE2_WeaponBase"))
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