Key display troubles

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Key display troubles

Postby Telemassacre » Tue May 25, 2021 5:39 pm

Hi, i need some help. I have some trouble with adding new keys. They don't show up on the status bar.
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class RTPStatusBar : DoomStatusBar
   override void DrawBarKeys()
      bool locks[9];
      String image;
      for(int i = 0; i < 8; i++) locks[i] = + 1, false, true);
      // key 1
      if (locks[1] && locks[4]) image = "STKEYS6";
      else if (locks[1]) image = "STKEYS0";
      else if (locks[4]) image = "STKEYS3";
      DrawImage(image, (239, 171), DI_ITEM_OFFSETS);
      // key 3 [broken key]
      if (locks[7] && locks[8]) image = "I_SLVBTH";
      else if (locks[7]) image = "I_SLVCRD";
      else if (locks[8]) image = "I_SLVSKU";
      else image = "";
      // key 2
      if (locks[2] && locks[5]) image = "STKEYS7";
      else if (locks[2]) image = "STKEYS1";
      else if (locks[5]) image = "STKEYS4";
      else image = "";
      DrawImage(image, (244, 181), DI_ITEM_OFFSETS);
      // key 4
      if (locks[0] && locks[3]) image = "STKEYS8";
      else if (locks[0]) image = "STKEYS2";
      else if (locks[3]) image = "STKEYS5";
      else image = "";
      DrawImage(image, (239, 191), DI_ITEM_OFFSETS);
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Re: Key display troubles

Postby Player701 » Tue Jun 01, 2021 8:22 am

Provided that your LOCKDEFS are set up correctly (since CheckKeys uses the same lock numbers that LOCKDEFS does) the problem is in your for loop. You check for locks[8] but your loop only counts up to 7 because when i becomes 8 the condition i < 8 evaluates to false. Which means that locks[8] is never assigned to.

There are two ways to fix this: change i < 8 to either i <= 8 or i < 9. It doesn't matter which one you choose, the result will be the same.
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