New to the modding scene, and I have some questions !

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New to the modding scene, and I have some questions !

Postby WillyChonkers » Tue Feb 23, 2021 2:04 am

Hey, new guy here. I'll try to be brief.

I've come back to classic Doom after a long while, and coinciding with the end of my coding grade... I want to try the modding scene.
I want to create a whole WAD for Doom 2, replacing as many things as I'm able. I thought it would be funny to offer this idea as my
final project for the grade... and to my surprise, my teacher thought it was a great idea ! (and told me he wants to play it if I manage to do it lmao)

So basically, i'm doing a Doom mod for a school project. Here are the context and the questions:

I've tried Slade, Doom Editor and a wad editor with an axe for it's logo which name I can't recall right now. I've managed to create a basic room, replace the
default pistol for a gun I designed with Decorate (with custom sound effects) and to replace the level ost. Even tho I'm happy I was able to do all that within
an hour with no help, I think going blind into it for longer will hurt the project in the long run.

Q1: Which editors do you recomend ? I need as many tools as required to basically change EVERYTHING on the wad. I will download as many of them as needed, as long as they don't overlap their features.

Q2: Any online resources that I should consume ? I will take videos, posts, wikis... whatever

Q3: Do you think the scope of the project is feaseable ? I have 3 months to recreate every asset I can to give Doom a completely new vibe... and I would like it to have 1 or 2 passable levels... while being new
and having to do it all myself.

Well, I lied, i was not brief. I apologize for that, but I would be really thankful if you were to answer to any of that. Tell me what you think !
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Re: New to the modding scene, and I have some questions !

Postby Jarewill » Tue Feb 23, 2021 4:15 am

Wad editor with an axe for it's logo? WhackEd by any chace?

1: SLADE is the tool I use most of the time as it comes with most features needed for modding Doom. If you want a better map editor, you can always use UDB.

2: The ZDoom Wiki is a great place for learning in my experience. DECORATE is greatly documented, but ZScript is less so.
You can also look at working weapons / monsters from the Realm667 repository. That's how I started modding Doom. :D
And remember that you can always ask questions here in the scripting or mapping forums!

3: Matters on what kind of TC you want to make. A TC with 1-2 maps and custom weapons / monsters / graphics should be fairly possible in 3 months, as long as it's not gonna be incredibly complex.
It's still quite a big project to take on while starting though, but I'm sure you can manage if you work hard and consult the wiki!
You can always ask for help here and me and other people will try to help!
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