Why HUDMSG_FADEIN dont exist?

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Why HUDMSG_FADEIN dont exist?

Postby GGianpy » Sun Oct 18, 2020 7:26 am

good afternoon,
i am creating a function where you can enter some text as strings and show them on screen.
I want to make the strings have a fade in animation and stay on screen forever.

But if I put 0 on the hudmessage time with the HUDMSG_FADEINOUT flag it disappears instantly.
I saw on the wiki but why does a HUDMSG_FADEIN flag not exist? it would be really useful!

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function bool Gui_Dialog(str dialogname, str dialogtext)


SetFont(ChoiceDialog_NameFont); // Dialog Name
HudMessage(l:dialogname; HUDMSG_PLAIN | HUDMSG_ALPHA , Gui_Dialog_TextID + 1, CR_UNTRANSLATED, 320.4, getcvar("Gui_DialogYPos") + 0.2, 0, getcvar("Gui_DialogAlpa"));
SetFont(ChoiceDialog_TextFont); // Dialog Text
HudMessage(l:dialogtext; HUDMSG_PLAIN | HUDMSG_ALPHA , Gui_Dialog_TextID + 2, CR_UNTRANSLATED, 320.4, getcvar("Gui_DialogYPos") + 8.1, 0, getcvar("Gui_DialogAlpa"));


Return True;

i tried to create a separate acs script which keeps the writing on the screen but functions cannot pass strings to scripts.
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