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How to interrupt following to PatrolPoint?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2019 9:51 am
by Void Weaver
Let's say that a some unalerted monster calls a A_SetSpecial(229,0,x,0,0), where 229 is Thing_SetGoal special and "x" a some tid of a some PatrolPoint.
Then I want to interrupt monster following to the PatrolPoint with a next conditions:
a) without removing of the PatrolPoint mentioned above;
b) without having player as target of monster's targetfield;
c) without having of any other object (like as Thing_Hate\HateTarget) as target of monster's targetfield.

I've tried to force monster call an A_SetSpecial(229,0,y,0,0) while he walk to PatrolPoint with "x" tid, but it doesn't work as like call of A_ClearTarget doesn't work too. Also calling of A_SetSpecial(0) and {Special=0;} (with A_ClearTarget) doesn't work too - monster still have PatrolPoint ("x") as its target and continue follow to it.

So, is it possible to break current following path without monster alerting? Maybe I'm doing something wrong?