Weapon effciency mod?

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Weapon effciency mod?

Postby Hypersonic » Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:31 pm

Any mods out there that shows efficiency stats? Such as:

-Pistol fired 100 times, pistol hit 80 times (80% efficiency)
(same with chaingun and plasmagun)
-100 shotgun traces fired, 60 traces hit (60% efficiency)
(same with supershotgun)
-100 rockets fired
50 direct hits (50% direct hit efficiency)
8000 HP rocket damage applied (combining direct and blast radius)
160 average damage per rocket
(this value will be higher if you save rockets for clumps of monsters)

Perhaps an advanced stat of overkill:
Say a monster has 10 HP left and you blast it with a rocket, you've just wasted around 100 potential damage. Whereas a pistol shot would waste very little damage potential if any at all.

A projectile dodge stat would be cool as well, but I admit that this would be difficult to program. Something like continuing on your current velocity vector would result in a projectile collision, but since you've altered the velocity vector you successfully dodged. In other cases it could be said because you've altered your velocity vector you've caused a projectile collision to occur.
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Re: Weapon effciency mod?

Postby Apeirogon » Mon Mar 05, 2018 7:36 am

You can use world thing damaged for this. You need to check if player pawn inflict damage, from what weapon and and how much damage, and then store that damage to...well to weapon variable, to array, give to player some inventory item, to cvar.

But if you want draw it on player screen I cant help with this. This is still too complicated for me, at least now.

For dodge, it CAN be done, but, I think, it will require requiere MUCH work from modder, since, how you count kill, if monster walk to path of rocket, which firstly fly to one monster, but then miss it?
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