LUA for SLADE: ZScriptifier project

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LUA for SLADE: ZScriptifier project

Postby Major Cooke » Sat Nov 04, 2017 12:55 pm

LUA Scripting reference (I'm aware it says things can change at any time.)

With the introduction of LUA to Slade, it obviously screams for automation. I'd love to see if anyone else would like to join me in my efforts for developing useful scripts that can help i.e. converting DECORATE to ZScript.

I have to brush up on my LUA before I even get started but I certainly want to entertain the idea of getting a few things up and running successfully such as at least a partial ZScriptifier (from DECORATE only, for now).

For right now, I'm just shooting for the simpler stuff.
Spoiler: Some of said simpler stuff...

Then moving to things like adding in the Default {} blocks, and moving constants/variables together so they don't wind up in places they're not supposed to be, etc.

Anyone interested in helping out?
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