How to get rid of screen jumps in rottexpr

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How to get rid of screen jumps in rottexpr

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I'll explain this the best I can: In rottexpr (probably the current best source port for Rise of the Triad), instead of autoaiming like doom where the shot just lands above your head, the screen jumps so that the center of the screen (where the crosshair would be) is now centered on the enemy. I don't mind this too much. The problem is that sometimes when I'm just walking, the screen will jump randomly to above or below where I'm looking or want to be looking without me shooting anything. Even if I turn off autoaim and turn on mouselook, this still happens. Has anyone encountered this problem, or is this just an unavoidable quirk of the source port or the game itself?

Also, does anyone know of a better port for this game, or an ideal way to configure DosBox for it?

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