Let's come together and remember Castlevania.

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Let's come together and remember Castlevania.

Postby Muusi » Sat Nov 20, 2021 9:17 am

Let me start the discussion by stating something very important. *Ahem*. Fuck Konami.

Castlevania has always been a huge part of my life and I'm so sad that they just stopped, like all Konami franchises. I grew up with a PC and very early in the RockNES X and ZSNES days I got into emulation and discovered Castlevania. They were hard games which honed my sidescroller skills and made me fall in love with the series.

Castlevania Symphony of the Night was one of the first games I bought with my own money thanks to the older games and from that day on the Metroidvania style became my favorite game genre. Really, there's no need to say anything about SotN, everyone knows it's a masterpiece. Not my favorite of the series but pretty damn close.

Again, thanks to emulation, i had the chance to play the GBA games too which made me realize that to me, Castlevania needs the whip. Aria of Sorrow was an okay game but weaker than Circle of the Moon and especially Harmony of Dissonance. Someone tell 3saster that Juste Belmont is a kickass character!

Later i got a PS2 and i bought both Castlevania games for it both on launch day. I assumed Lament of Innocence would follow the same gameplay style as the previous games but of course it wasn't the case. Still both games have RPG elements and that's good enough for me. In both games you also get to play as a Belmont which is a huge plus.

Then came my favorite game in the series, Portrait of Ruin. Sadly it came for the Nintendo DS and i couldn't afford to buy it. I had to drool over gameplay videos and fantasize. Emulators weren't up to par during that time either so no pirating :( Much later i got a DSi XL and immediately bought all 3 NDS Castlevanias. These were my preferred style of game and i was extremely happy. I bought the system just for these 3 games and not a cent was wasted.

The NDS games have awesome ROM hacks available for them that completely change the story and playable characters, like Rondo of Ruin for example, a hack of PoR which changes the story, the main characters into Richter and adult Maria, complete with equipment customization and skill unlocking. It's excellent.

The Wiiware Castlevania ReBirth has never been rereleased, which is a major crime against humanity, but luckily Wii's an easy system to jailbreak, and when a game isn't available to buy anymore, there's only one way to play it.

But how about Lords of Shadow and its sequels on the PS3? I bought them and hated all 3. My biggest problem with them is that they're not even a part of the main timeline. Kinda sad that these were the last new games in the series. I'd love to play Grimoire of Souls but sadly it's been locked behind Apple Arcade.

Of course I've bought every collection on PS4 too. I hate Konami more than words can say but i know that the second Konami makes anything with Castlevania on it, I'll give them my money without thinking a single second.

What do you think about Castlevania? Which one is your favorite and why is it SotN? Gush about Castlevania! Please start your post by saying something bad about Konami.
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Re: Let's come together and remember Castlevania.

Postby leileilol » Sat Nov 20, 2021 7:38 pm


I like III

The Sharp x68k akumajou should be appreciated more

Bloodstained's alright. Rusty's something

The metroidvania term i don't care for and how the franchise got itself into a collectathon corner

the cartoon feels like a fan fic
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Re: Let's come together and remember Castlevania.

Postby SamVision » Mon Nov 22, 2021 1:52 pm

I liked Super Castlevania 4, its the only one of the "classic" series that I actually enjoyed playing. I played some of the "metroidvania" ones for gba and ds, and I think thats the best place for them. I would never sit down to play them on console or pc because of how repetitive and boring they are.
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Re: Let's come together and remember Castlevania.

Postby okbuddy » Mon Nov 22, 2021 6:04 pm

I don't want to start a whole thing in this thread but to say Aria of Sorrow is weaker than Circle of the Moon is absolutely laughable. CotM is among the worst in the series and also not part of the main Castlevania timeline.
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Re: Let's come together and remember Castlevania.

Postby Drake Raider » Mon Nov 22, 2021 11:01 pm

I love most of the games, I never liked Super. It plays (to me) like a Contra game, and is quite un-fun compared the more methodical, thoughtful pace I look for in a Classicvania. Personally (I'm sure I've mentioned it here before) I have a timeline that I've given to people, and treat the franchise like two different timelines sharing some common installments in each. Ironically, I do love both CotM (for gameplay) and AoS (for story, world design) pretty close to equally.

I do recommend that most new players to the franchise play the original games 1-3, Rondo, and Symphony (in that order) before branching out, though 2 should be patched with the SRAM function and corrected translation to get the intended experience. I think overall my favorites are Bloodlines, Rondo and Symphony, (unique, I know), but 2, Aria, and LoS (the second 64 installment) all have special places in my heart.

I would hold out hope for rereleases, I don't know if Konami changed leadership recently, but they've been good to fans of their classic franchises the last couple years. and I'm expecting at least a DS collection and PS2 collection at some point to be rereleased. Perhaps we'll get lucky and get the other portables and the heavily underrated 64 games too.

Also. Lord of Shadow 2 is mandatory playing. One of the best 3D metroidvanias I've ever played. Shame about the bungled mess that was the first one, and the review bombing the second one got from critics. But once you know what to expect (or before you've played any of them and want to set your own standards), get the full Lords of Shadow story, preferrably through a cutscene compilation of the first and a playthrough of 2. MoF is solid as well, though 2D metroidvanias are higher and I don't think it reaches them. It's plot points are important to 2, but you can get that from a cliff notes if you want to play the other two first. I went through 2 without finishing it and didn't have any issues with the plot, but I can see mild confusion arising from certain character's roles.
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Re: Let's come together and remember Castlevania.

Postby Muusi » Tue Nov 23, 2021 9:15 pm

Lords of Shadow 2 had pretty good gameplay to be honest, but i just can't get over it not being the main CV timeline. You can't just pretend that famous characters like Simon or Richter Belmont never existed.

I'm too hoping for more collections because new games aren't gonna happen ever. Wish Konami would dig their heads out of their stupid asses and see how Metroid Dread was received by fans and realize that people want those kinds of games. I'd love to see a Metroidvania with Sonia as the main playable character.

Maybe it's common knowledge, but if you haven't heard of Serio's Castlevania Fighter, you need to play it asap.
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