Hexen Player Gib sounds mystery

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Hexen Player Gib sounds mystery

Post by Telemassacre »

So i've just been wondering, what are the Hexen gib sounds? [FGXDTHx, CLXDTHx, MGXDTHx] How were they made? What was used to make them? All i really know is that there's a faint bone crackling sound in them, but not the other sounds. XDTH1 starts with what sounds like something speaking in a non-human voice [kara-ya-khotch-yay], followed by an echoing squeak. XDTH2 has that same non-human screaming followed by another echoing squeak. XDTH3 sounds like a mix between the non-human and various other sounds [leaves crashing, plant tissue, ect.]
I wonder who or what made those sounds.
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Re: Hexen Player Gib sounds mystery

Post by leileilol »

Kevin Schilder made them. also don't underestimate the usage of melons and celery in foley.

See (hear?) also: Take No Prisoners, Mageslayer, Hexen II, Heretic II.
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Re: Hexen Player Gib sounds mystery

Post by Kinsie »

If they're anything like pretty much every other sound in Heretic and Hexen, they'd be a blend of stock sound effects (likely Sound Ideas 6000 Series, like Doom) for the gore accompanied by a Raven employee making mouth sounds for the gasping scream.
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Re: Hexen Player Gib sounds mystery

Post by NeuralStunner »

"Hey, could you help me get 'in character' for this death gasp?"

"Okay. Uh... Imagine being owned by Activision."


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