So, my friend made this game, and I wanna show you it.

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So, my friend made this game, and I wanna show you it.

Postby Ravick » Mon Sep 06, 2021 12:52 am

Hi there.

A friend of mine has made a turn-based strategy ("tbs") game, and he has started selling it on Steam today. I was one of the testers of the game, and I really like it, so I was willing to show it here.

I was not sure about posting comercial game stuff here, so I took a look at the forum rules again to check if I'd be making something wrong, but I couldn't find any rule against it. Even so because I'm not profiting anything from it, I just want to show my friend's work. I really believe it worths taking a look at. The game has high quality, and I guess I'd not believe it was made by just one person if I hadn't been a tester during its development. But, if this is actually against any forum's rule, please, feel free to delete the thread, or other appropriate measures. :)

The game is Eternal Warfare. As I said, it is a tbs game, and it got inspiration from the Advance Wars series. As most tbs and rts games, the player usually starts with a small base, and must manage its economy, defense and research ("tech trees") in order to grow and overwhelm its opponents. The scenario is about nowadays warfare, so you'll have tanks, choppers, submarines and stuff like that. The game has single-player campaigns, a tutorial campaing, different types of scenario, multiplayer support up to 8 players (both local and online), "invasion" campaigns (inspired at that Skulltag\Zandronum's game mode), a map editor and modding support. (And I specially enjoy the the feel when something explodes in the game! :mrgreen: ) Also, it has a really clever AI, and many game options to try to challenge it.
I guess Eternal Warfare has a "pro" quality standart, and I believe you should take a look at it. :) I'll let the link for its Steam page inside a "spoiler":


BTW, the dev is Space.cpp, he was a Doom modder years ago, and even had an user profile here at the forums. :)

Thank you. :)
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