Rookie mapping contest for Duke 3D

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Rookie mapping contest for Duke 3D

Postby WFFLink » Sat Jul 03, 2021 6:15 pm

Hi! I'm jkas789 from Duke4, and I'm here to invite you guys to join a rookie mapping contest started by one of our resident Duke Nukem 3D mappers Aleks.

From the original post

Since there's been a lot of people with cool ideas, good taste in the maps and in-depth knowledge of the game, who for some reason have never made a map themselves, we've came up with an idea to encourage them a bit! This community didn't have any mapping contests in a while (maybe since the Spiegul thing?), so here's one for you - but this time, only people with no prior mapping experience are allowed to participate! To make it easier to distinguish - if you don't have any of your Duke 3D maps reviewed/available for download on neither MSDN nor CGS websites, you are all free to join the competition (taking part in a joint release like a CBP does not count, so you are still free to join if that's all you did so far)! Even people from the rather small Ion Fury mapping community are invited to join, as working with Duke's base game assets is probably still a different beast to tackle.

Here are the basic rules:

- the map has to be properly playable, with added combat and functional ending

- the map should be compatible with "chocolate" Duke 3D, so effects like TROR, sloped sprites, texture rotation (R key) or sprite noshade (N key) are not allowed

- there is a limit of 500 sectors. Sprites and walls are not restricted, however you should watch not to get above 8192 walls and 4096 sprites (the "old" limits for chocolate compatibility)

- it is advisable to use Mapster32 due to how much more convenient and forgiving it is to work with compared to original Build

- no new custom art/sounds/con/music (although you can choose one of the original midis that you think would fit your level the best)

- the specific theme of the map will be disclosed later when more people join in - not to give anyone a headstart!

- I'd like at least 3-5 people to participate in it, so please be patient and let everyone who might be interested join - I will wait between commencing the start of it,

- after the theme has been revealed, you will have 1 month to work on your map and submit it for download to me by PM.

The maps will be judged by Jury consisting of some of the more experienced veteran mappers from this community.

The judges will evaluate the maps in the following categories:

concept/originality (0-10 points)
layout/progression (0-10 points)
gameplay/combat (0-10 points)
design/technique (0-10 points)

The final score from this part will be an average of the scores awarded by the judges. You can score max 40 points in this section. The judges will cooperate to get a similar rating system.

Furthermore, you can score bonus points for using effects in your map! These are grouped into categories - using just one effect from each category can award you extra points:

- light effects: SE3, SE4, SE8, SE9, SE12, Cyclers (0-2 points)
- sector tag only doors: ST20, ST21, ST9, ST26 (0-2 points)
- horizontal movers: SE15/ST25, SE30/ST31, SE6/SE14, SE20/ST27 (0-2 points)
- vertical movers: SE31, SE32, ST15/SE17, ST16, ST17, ST18, ST19, SE18, SE21/ST28 (does anyone ever use it?) (0-2 points)
- proper use of effect sounds throughout the level (0-2 points)
- rotating movers: ST23/SE11, SE0/SE1/(ST30) (0-2 points)
- explosions and destruction: SE2, SE13, SE19, SE33, C9/crack/extinguishers etc. (0-2 points)
- miscellaneous/machinery: SE24/SE34, SE25, SE29, SE36

The effects should be used properly. Also remember that using the effects in a gimmicky way may award you points for them, but deduct from your evaluation scores! And a final heads-up about shading (and wall shading specifically) - this is an easy way for you level to look much better and to add a lot of depth to its visuals!

Here are some sites which contain useful information on mapping:

We really hope you come by and join on the fun! :) I think it would be really cool to see new the new ideas and different points of view on mapping that people in the Doom community can bring. Specially now that Raze is more widespread (and very good to play with).
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