Friend looking for BW tiling textures (comission)

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Friend looking for BW tiling textures (comission)

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A friend of mine is looking for some black and white textures that he can use as part of a material build up in programs such as sketchup/unreal engine/ v-ray and so on. He is making his own textures and wants to be able to use black and white tiling images as part of the material build up to give the textures depth/variance and so on.

This is for a project that he hopes to make commercially available - not big money, role-playing dungeon kits that can be used on Roll 20 - so he is happy to commission and pay someone who is willing and able to make said textures. Obviously, this also means that they cannot be based on anything that anyone else owns the rights to.
I suspect I'd need about 50-100 of them.
I'd be looking at 4k resolution.
Black on white.
He sent me examples of the kind of thing that he is looking for:
I'm not fully familiar with the ins and outs of the exact requirements of the programs that he uses, so if anyone is interested, PM me and I will give you his contact details.

Thank you.

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