"Dynamical linking" of an assets

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"Dynamical linking" of an assets

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Lets imagine totally and completely unrelated to real life situation.
Im making DA GAEM. Suddenly I haw an idea "what if I add a reference to the Doom? Like, its first level".
I have been remaked it in DA ENGENE but then I have been thinking "hmmm, what if I would be using original sprites and textures?".
Obviously I cant JUST do it, because then I have would have been sued by Microsoft. So I should use my custom created sprites.

But what if I add to DA GAEM readme file with something like "drop original Doom.wad file, if you have it, into 'game folder/References' folder to see original Doom sprites and textures in secret Doom-ed level" is it put me in danger?
Since this is an action that could, or could not, be made by the end user, which does not enforce user to do so, this should not backfire in the long perspective, right?

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