Trying to break Windows 7 for fun (but no profit)

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Trying to break Windows 7 for fun (but no profit)

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I saw someone on Twitter talking about various geeky aspects of Windows, then somebody wondered idly what
would happen if you could somehow create files on a Windows box called LPT1, CON, AUX, NUL, etc. These
are reserved filenames in Windows and DOS (or CMD) for historical reasons dating to back before the 90s when
your average desktop computer had a (or even TWO!) serial ports (the ancestor of USB). Of course saying that
where I can see it is a bit like saying "Wonder why nobody has put cats in Doom to accompany the MBF dogs",
so of course, I had to try it :) I keep Windows 7 in a VM on my computer (which runs Linux Mint) and have a
shared folder in Downloads called windows that I use to transfer stuff between the host and guest. So of course ...


I am rather disappointed due to the lack of Dark Servants of the Evil One rising from the Pit of Despair at the
Call of Cthulu - it could at least have BSOD'd :)

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