Understanding GitHub forks/branches?

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Understanding GitHub forks/branches?

Postby Tormentor667 » Sun Aug 16, 2020 4:05 am

Dear ZDoomers,

I have a few questions regarding Github and I hope you can help me. Imagine there is a repo hosted at GitHub with a complete project. Now I would like to create a fork/branch (no idea what's the correct term) on which I can work with a few other people doing some fancy stuff to the project. How would I create that? And next to that, I how can I pull changes from the master to my new fork/branch? And how can I push changes from my new fork/branch to the master?

I unfortunately have no idea how this is working so I'd be happy for a good explanation :) By the way, I am using GitHub Desktop software for this.

Best regards,
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Re: Understanding GitHub forks/branches?

Postby drfrag » Sun Aug 16, 2020 4:18 am

It's easier to install TortoiseGit. For your local copy you clone the repository and on GitHub you create a fork clicking on fork but the order of these operations doesn't matter.
To push your changes you rename origin to upstream and now origin is your repo (manage remotes). Usually each fork is in a different repo but most of mine are in the same repo in different branches. To do some work you create branches (switch/checkout) and then you switch again to master and merge the changes from your work branch.
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