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Post by Enjay »

Just wondering if anyone here has any experience and/or opinions with Bforartists?

As I understand it, Bforartists is an attempt to take Blender and address as many of the UI issues that some users find problematic with the ultimate goal of making it more friendly and approachable to a wider audience.

I know that we have several people on here who are very adept with Blender and for them, I assume, Bforartists is fairly irrelevant. However, if any of them have tried it, their feedback would be useful because they will know if certain features are still present (Bforartists say that no functionality is cut) and whether they are easy/easier to find. Blender is also used as a platform by several other tools to export stuff to, do some modification, and then reimport. So, I wonder how well Bforartists can be set up to do that (although, that would probably be down to the other tool as much as Blender/Bforartists). Also, there are loads of videos out there on how to do stuff in Blender, so I wonder how well any of those translate to doing the same task in Bforartists.

Personally speaking, the Blender UI has been the biggest single barrier to me using it. I have tried several times and eventually just given up - rage quitting and uninstalling from not being able to find that damned feature that I was looking for yet again despite having used it dozens of times already! Everything is hidden and nested, repeated in (to me) illogical places and inconsistent IMO. My experience is that unless you have remembered a bunch of hotkeys, you're screwed. I don't think that I will ever use it frequently enough for those keys to become lodged in my memory. Eventually, all I ended up using Blender for was to bake lighting onto model skins (thanks to a very well written tutorial from leileilol - for which I am eternally grateful) but I had to always do it with Blender open on one screen and the tutorial on another because if I tried to do it myself, something would go wrong and I'd end up generating a totally black image instead of a decent UV mapped skin - or some other disaster.

I've used 3Ds Max, Maya and several other modelling programs and I have found all of them accessible (I tried C4D earlier in the year too and it seems approachable as well - but I didn't get much time with it) . Those are no less powerful than Blender, so it's not that I can't cope with a program with that kind of power or feature set - there is something inherently incompatible between me and Blender. So, it would be interesting to hear any experiences that people have with Bforartists before I dive in for myself.
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Re: Bforartists?

Post by Dancso »

I feel your pain. I only just started to know my way around Blender when they decided to completely flip the table with 2.80. I've been waiting on that version for what seemed like years, for the ability to handle vertex color alphas. It finally comes out and I'm like a fish out of water. Guess it's back to using a glitchy plugin to hack in that feature with this pre-2.80 beta version I had to install for it to mostly work...

Haven't tried Bforartists, so I'm also interested to hear about it. Given enough time I might just try it for myself.
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Re: Bforartists?

Post by leileilol »

I don't think it'll change your mind. Latest build looks like 2.8/2.9 with some panels shuffled around while still having usability issues (i.e. picking "Blender27X" colors makes the menu bar unreadable), and probably still lacks the assigned images to polys' UVmaps feature and "legacy mesh format" saving (a necessity if there would be contributing artists that insist on later blenders so I could work with their output), so still a 0% chance to move me off 2.66
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Re: Bforartists?

Post by Nash »

As a 2.79 user, Bforartists doesn't look like it has anything that attracts me, I might as well use the actual 2.8 version (which isn't so bad, just not my cup of tea).

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