BlueMaxima's Flashpoint: Web Game Preservation Project

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BlueMaxima's Flashpoint: Web Game Preservation Project

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"Internet history is important, and content made on platforms such as Adobe Flash make up a significant portion of that culture doomed to obscurity. This project is dedicated to preserving as many games and animations from these platforms as possible, so that they aren't lost to time. Since early 2018, over a hundred contributors have helped Flashpoint save more than 49,000 games and 3,600 animations running on 16 different platforms."

"Flashpoint utilizes a strong selection of open-source software. By combining the power of Apache, a custom-built launcher, and our own application called the Flashpoint Secure Player, we can play web-based media in a quick, user-friendly environment without leaving permanent changes or security holes on your computer."

Find out more at:

Watch the trailer:

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