Seeking male voice actor for protagonist.

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Seeking male voice actor for protagonist.

Post by Graaicko »

So I am interested in looking for a voice actor to voice My protagonists lines for Shadow Elite. In terms of personality of the character, he is a middle aged American male, who feels he was a weapon the government has used too many times. Its hard to request this as Its voice acting... What I'm looking for, (I have no idea how else to word it.) He speaks with an english american accent, has a gruff style of langauge. He seems to deal well with stress, but can go off the rails in extreme circumstances. Personality wise, he's sort of like a Sam Fisher with a bit of a mix of Max Payne. When the appropriate time presents itself. He will make a remark or oneliner (nothing too cheesy like Duke lol). He is a mercenary, therefore, served in the military, so at times he trash talks when challenged. I have absolutely no idea where I could of posted this, Off-Topic seemed appropriate. If the Mods find it is not, just let me know, and I will repost in the category they want me to post this particular topic in. :)

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Re: Seeking male voice actor for protagonist.

Post by Project Dark Fox »

Good luck finding another Michael Ironside (Sam Fisher's voice actor). That is an iconic voice that is very difficult to come close to emulating.
My own voice is deep enough but too smooth for that use. (A radio announcer's voice, if you will) I wish you luck in your search.

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