Best Wolf3D source port/editor for advanced features?

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Best Wolf3D source port/editor for advanced features?

Post by Hellstorm Archon »

Just to put things into a brief context, I am currently working to get a project off the ground (or rather, a proof of concept of a project I've been conceptualizing for a very long time). As a result, I feel that the best way to do the proof of concept is to try doing a TC for Wolf3D/an indie-style game done in the Wolf3D engine. The reason why I've chosen the Wolf3D engine and not the Doom engine is because of aesthetic purposes (namely to show the impression of one of those deliberately retro games that would've been released as a "Doom clone" back in the early 90s).

With that out of the way, here is where my question would lie: which Wolf3D source port is capable of handling certain advanced features? I ask especially because I've noticed that thanks to Kinsie, there is a surprisingly advanced editor for Wolf3D which allows for things like animated flats (for liquids), nonorthogonal rooms (case in point, I actually saw with this editor that you could actually faithfully recreate Quake maps with slopes and everything), etc.

Just to illustrate what I'm talking about, here are these features divided into necessary and optional.

-The ability to choose different characters for each episode for a total of 6 episodes (as in each episode has different characters)
-Each character has their own set of attributes (weapon sets, health/armor stats, movement speed, special abilities, etc.)
-Abilities for certain characters like temporary invulnerability, regenerating health, ability to "pause" time, etc.
-Different text screens depending on which character you play as
-Playback of sounds from more recent games as well as music in the.OGG or the.FLAC format (just as a couple of examples of formats).
-Ability to add skies and textured floors/ceilings
-Enemies having different death states (normal, extreme death, decapitation, electrocution, etc.)
-Reloading capabilities and different damage types for weapons (tying back into the different death states for enemies)
-Accessing text logs via terminals/computers (either via wall texture or game object)
-Different skies for each level rather than by episode

-Different "phases" of music triggered on certain actions akin to something like Dusk or Doom 2016 (entering a room, eliminating a certain number of enemies, etc.)
-Playback of sounds during text screens
-Nonorthogonal rooms to add a sense of scale to places like city streets, military installations, etc.
-Ability to add fake elevators to provide illusion of multi-floor levels
-Multiple types of keys (key cards, password-protected locks, repair kits for broken doors, just shooting open doors, etc.)
-Ability to type in passwords via terminals/doors to unlock optional areas
-Differing door sounds depending on the door type (cargo bay door, maintenance hatch, bunker door to list just a few examples)

So far, these are the features I've been looking for in this prospective Wolf3D source port; this should be more or less the comprehensive list of features that this proof of concept might need, given how I've written all of this up during the dead of night where I am.

Anyway, ideas and suggestions are more than welcome, and yes, that definitely includes ECWolf as a prospective source port!
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Re: Best Wolf3D source port/editor for advanced features?

Post by Redneckerz »

You mentioned ECWolf already which inherits a lot of ZDoom related stuff.
Another alternative is LZWolf, which is actually derived from ECWolf. It is ''created to enable developers to easily create even more adventurous mods and games.''

On top of the features inherited from it’s origins, LZWolf is developed by linuxwolf with modders in mind, with new features added based on need and popularity.
  • Parallaxing Skies and Atmospheres (Rain, Snow, Starry Skies)
  • Weapon damage types and resistances
  • Custom death animations that reference damage types
  • Custom Music Triggers
  • Lighting effects and extra options for scene control.
  • Factions. Now you can have in-fighting, alliances, and betrayal.
It also has a LOT of documentation written for it, which makes this port all the more impressive.

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