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Redneckerz wrote:
jdredalert wrote:
Redneckerz wrote:The next time the entire forum should be covered in glitchyness. Posting would be an exploration in and out of itself.

That would give Graf PTSD and lilith.pk3 flashbacks :lol:

That's kind of a why it would be a good joke. :lol: But also i wonder how the forum would look like then.

Staledonut wrote:i did not get it for a while... xD i went... wha? why? can i use the [IMG] thingy now? and was dissapointed when i couldnt :D

You can, by reading this thread and then read the spoilered part which contains a button.

why thank you! i still feel silly that my mind went "hey im a global Mod! img should work now :wub: "

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