Kate Fox

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Re: Kate Fox

Post by YukesVonFaust »

Kate... we will miss you.
may you rest in peace.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Yholl »

Kate was amazing, I honestly felt that she was probably the smartest person I'd ever met. She went out of her way to help others with stuff, and she was always happy and friendly to talk to. I'm devastated by her absence.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Dynamo »

May she rest in peace, and my best wishes go to BouncyTEM, I hope he can recover from this as much as realistically possible.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Trance »

I used to talk with Kate and her closest friends on TeamSpeak a few years ago, before they all stopped coming round. After that, she dropped off my radar completely, and I always wondered what became of her. Hearing of her death, especially the circumstances of that death, stunned and chilled me to my core. My deepest condolences to those she kept close, and especially Bouncy, whom I feel confident in saying was closer to Kate than any of us. No words exist to adequately express how thoroughly shattering a tragedy like this must be for him.

There was no one in this community a more welcome asset to the budding ZDoom modder than Kate. It seemed no matter the question, no matter the obtuseness of the angle from which a newbie ZDoom creator would approach a problem, Kate never failed to have useful answers for them. Impatience and surliness, by far the two most common traits among ZDoom modding veterans, were entirely absent in Kate, making her the only accessible choice I saw for learning the ropes. She had a seemingly boundless supply of creative energy and a constant zest for experimentation that made her a perfect fit for this sphere.

On TeamSpeak, I fondly remember Kate as someone who laughed easily, liked a bit of mischief, and who always improved my mood within minutes of joining the conversation. I understand that in her life she faced a lot of obstacles, both external and internal, to her success and happiness, and that she probably felt most safe with a smaller, closer group of friends to which she could lay her troubles bare, and count on them to help her through. I don't mind telling you I did quickly begin to miss having her around. That feeling, however, pales into insignificance compared to how Bouncy will continue to feel for a long, long time.

A lighthearted in-joke we used to involve Kate in on TS was assigning her the "+HELIUM" usergroup, with a balloon icon. It amused her, and she wore it as a badge of pride. Today that badge shifts in tone, and becomes a symbol of remembrance. About an hour ago, at midnight, a purple helium balloon floating just above my front yard was cut from its tether and rose up into the starry night. Hopefully Kate sees it and grabs it as it floats by.

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Re: Kate Fox

Post by TheLightBad96 »

I do not know if I have any right to say this but I feel like I should.

I can't say I knew her personally considering that I do not. however I do know of her work for the Zdoom community for instance she contributed along with other members of this community to a mod that I wholeheartedly loved so much that I have placed it in a separate folder with it's own copy of GZdoom 2.2.0. that mod was Doom RPG and that mod alone introduced a few people i knew "friends, younger family members, people at my school" to Doom and it's vast collection of mods.

It's always sad to hear of a death in the doom community especially someone who has contributed a lot to it. her work has probably inspired people to create mods or resources for mods.

Kate Fox, you will be missed. may you rest in peace.


and to BouncyTEM I pass on my best wishes.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Ghastly »

She had some of the most empathy of anyone I've ever known. There's a lot of people going to miss you, Kate. :(
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Wartorn »

Hey everybody. A small update - As you all know, Bouncy is about to go through some serious hell in rebuilding the lives of himself and his family in the loss of his friend and his home. He has granted me permission to direct people towards his PayPal account, so if you'd like to make a donation to show a token of support, he and his family would greatly appreciate it. To avoid directly feeding his address to spambots and such, you can contact either myself and/or Xaser via PM and we'll get back to you. We can also be reached at Wartorn#0698 or Xaser#5690 on Discord.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Nash »

I've known Kate even before zdoom.org even existed (and when she went by a different name). We haven't talked much more personally, or got any chance to collaborate closely on any projects, but I do know that she's a wonderful person who was well-liked by many people, and never caused any trouble. I'm extremely sad to see an OG ZDoom member pass. I hope she rests well in the great beyond.

Bouncy, I am extremely gutted about what happened to you and I hope you'll find the strength to recover! Wishing you the best.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Jeimuzu73 »

My sincere condolences to Bouncy and the rest of the community for our loss. She seemed like a real Doomer alright.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Rachael »

This sucks. I remember her from way back in the day and have even seen some of her contributions to the ZDoom source.

She will be greatly missed. :(
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Batandy »

I didn't know Kate personally, but totally knew about her Pokèmon Doom and PyDoom project, she was a really skilled programmer and a great artist.
My deepest condolences, may she rest in peace.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by insightguy »

May she rest in peace, Pokèmon Doom was one of the first doom mods I played.

Though I have to wonder, how much was lost in that fire? her works, her contributions, it's a loss if it's all really gone.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by PlayerLin »

I'm just speechless and feels so sad, R.I.P. :(
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Gothic »

My condoloences to her family, and my best wishes to Bouncy. I hope he can get through this.
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Re: Kate Fox

Post by Baratus »

I didn't know Kate very well and I would have liked the chance to get to know her at some point, but from what few experiences I had, I know that she was a very sweet and kind person and an instant mood lifter. To learn of a tragedy like this feels like an incalculable loss and I am having a hard time trying to process it. I hope that she is now at peace, and she will surely be remembered.

Rest In Peace

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