Questions about the GLOOME project?

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Questions about the GLOOME project?

Postby Skwirl » Sun Sep 20, 2015 11:08 pm

Hey, I'm a lurker here. Not too long ago, I caught wind of the GLOOME project, the one that completely rewrites GZdoom code to finally make it GPL and commercial-friendly (which by the way I owe an enormous thank-you to the project heads because that's what I've been looking for all this time).

I have a few questions about it...


1. How do I actually use/run it?

I downloaded the material from the Github site, and it's a whole slew of cmakes and other files. I installed Code::Blocks to see if I can find a way to compile it, and I don't see any solution file available. No main .exe file or anything. How does this work? Why not include a compiled version?

2. How much of the code is actually redone?

I snooped around some of the directories and saw some leftover materials from Zdoom (text files and stuff), so I don't know what is fully changed. I'd like to know if the engine is 100% wiped of license crud before I use it for any project.

3. Is it true that at a later point, the modding tools like ACS and DECORATE will be deprecated?

I read this on the to-do list of the project:

"angelscript to "replace" decorate and acs"

My question here is, what about how many tutorials and support there is for the two languages already? Wouldn't implementing a new language interrupt this for mods then now and to come? Does "replace" mean there will still be support and just add in a 3rd language?

4. Will there be support for local multiplayer? And what about running lobbies in-game?

Also on the to-do list I read about Zandronum MP. Will there be plans to make it so you can split-screen the game locally, on the same box, with game controllers, for old-school style gaming? Or make online game lobbies in-game instead of run on a separate program like Doomseeker or Odamex style?


I'm probably going to have more questions down the road, but these are the most important to me now. lol

Thank you all in advance.
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Re: Questions about the GLOOME project?

Postby jpalomo » Sun Sep 20, 2015 11:25 pm

Skwirl wrote:1. How do I actually use/run it?

See here for how to build it. Everything should be the same except for the GLEW requirements.
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