"Two CoD-Gen Idiots Get Lost in the Original Doom"

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Re: "Two CoD-Gen Idiots Get Lost in the Original Doom"

Postby kodi » Mon Jun 29, 2015 3:56 pm

wtg62 wrote:That really is a subjective statement.

wtg62 wrote:You could be talking about some modern FPS that's good, or you could be talking about modern military shooters.

If you are talking about modern military shooters, then I definitely have to disagree.
When's the last time you saw something cool like a Cyberdemon or Spider mastermind in CoD?
What about BFG9000s, rocket launchers, plasma rifles?
There's really not a big array of awesome guns or enemies in modern military shooters.

No, I'm not specifically talking about military shooters and I think it's unfair group every modern FPS together with CoD and BF (which not necessarily you personally but a substantial part of the classic fps community do). Yet, if you compare a modern military shooter with an 'old' military shooter, the modern one will most likely come out on top as far as weapon, enemy, sound and art design goes.
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Re: "Two CoD-Gen Idiots Get Lost in the Original Doom"

Postby Princess Viscra Maelstrom » Mon Jun 29, 2015 4:52 pm

SamVision wrote:Nothing in modern shooters really grabs you like in the older ones. When I first played Quake, I was shocked by the aggressiveness of the enemies, the verticality of the level design, and the intensity of the atmosphere. It is nigh impossible to find something of that caliber in modern FPS.

i have to agree on that. while Quake 2 seems to be the more fondly remembered game (and for good reason - it's actually pretty fun playing going back to it), Quake feels like a more in-your-face experience. playing it on Hard was quite the thrill. comparing that to, say, the new Shadow Warrior or Wolfenstein games, the effect it had was less dramatic. more modern shooters could do with a more emphasis on vertical level-design.
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