(Most/Least) Favorite Doom (mod) weapon?

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(Most/Least) Favorite Doom (mod) weapon?

Post by Jeimuzu73 »

Since there's a favorite enemy thread, I figured there should a favorite weapon thread to complement that.

Can be a plain vanilla Doom weapon or anything you like from a mod. Here's mine so far:

Vanilla Doom: Chaingun. Helps to stunlock large enemies or fend off crowds when there's little room for missing with other weapons.

WildWeasel's Nazis: The MP-40. More controllable and conservative than the UMG, tons of 9mm ammo for it, and can deal with crowds of jerries or stunlock bosses with ease.

WildWeasel's Terrorists: The Sherazi. Similar to the MP40 from Nazis, there's a lot of ammo for it and helps clear out a room.

Real Guns Advanced 3 (Zandronum Multiplayer): The L115 sniper rifle. Given the slow movement of players and the L115's one-shot kill ability, it's little contest.

Russian Overkill: Almost the whole arsenal, but major props to Tarpan, Libra, Chton, and the new Pilskanone.

The Trailblazer: The FMG. Large ammo clip, lots of ammo for it, similar fire rate to the Uzis and produces less smoke than the minigun.

I'll add more favorites once I play with more different weapon mods.
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Re: (Most/Least) Favorite Doom (mod) weapon?

Post by wildweasel »

My personal all-time favorite was, once, the M-211 SIGCOW from Immoral Conduct, but recently it's been dethroned by the Skullthrottle minigun from Trailblazer. Both guns, however, have a perfect blend of animation, power, and sound. So very many weapons in mods completely ignore the importance of selecting the right sound. Both the SIGCOW and Skullthrottle are excellent examples of weapons that do it right.
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Re: (Most/Least) Favorite Doom (mod) weapon?

Post by DoomRater »

Hmm favorite weapon? I'm leaning towards the shotgun/machinegun combo made in Shooting Monsters with Guns, but I think my favorite is still the Matilda from my own Greaser Enhanced mod. There's something satisfying about laughing in the face of a chaingunner while he tries to shoot you and the shots are blocked by your awesome bullet plate (that in real life is just there to make you feel safe) until you decide it's time to waste him. And yes, that IS worth the mobility of being able to move at all.

Oh, least favorite weapon? ANY Unmaker weapon that doesn't make the pickup line "What the devil is this!"
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Re: (Most/Least) Favorite Doom (mod) weapon?

Post by Matt »

Most (vanilla): Super Shotgun. Powerful and satisfying.

Least (vanilla): Super Shotgun. Turns every deathmatch into a point-blank instagib and unbalances everything.

Most (mod): Brutal Doom rocket launcher. Everything about it feels just right - especially while headshot-gibbing barons and other bulletsponge enemies - though I wish the projectile could be a bit faster and smaller for ease of aim.

If I could also include my own mods: GL-mounted ZM66, as the most singularly versatile weapon I've seen in a Doom mod. Well, as long as you don't have to fight a cyberdemon anyway.

Least (mod): Perkristan's Smooth Weapons pistol. Because it's fucking everywhere and doesn't do anything to improve my experience, and with the "correcting" of the pistol hand is a kick-the-dog-while-raping-it level of minority erasure in a game already starring an able-bodied Anglo-American white male.
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Re: (Most/Least) Favorite Doom (mod) weapon?

Post by Hellsmith1 »

The most of my favorite doom weapons. BFG10K and Plasma. From R667 Crybow and Vilestaff.

My best favorite weapons that I love the most is from
Rise of the Triad Colt45, double pistol, MP40, Bazooka, Split Missile launcher, and the Drunk Missile launcher. But the most favorite weapons is Heatseeker, Fire bomber Flamewall and Gods mode.
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Re: (Most/Least) Favorite Doom (mod) weapon?

Post by leileilol »

Most favorite:

the scubasteve'd grenade launcher from that one mockyshitty hub wad i think xaser made

the grenade launcher from some aliens tc with its PHTOOSH firing sound really gave that havoc releasing feeling.

Least favorite:


BLACK GLOVE EDITS. makes me think of doomcomrade's doing things for mother russia



that skulltag/zandro rapid bfg that uses obvious klik & play soundeffects allegedly made from scratch. way to waste a good sprite with obnoxious audio pulled out of C:\KNP\SAMPLES\EFFECTS

and of course that damn railgun that appears to be made out of brushes in Hammer editor viewport screenshots using half-life textures
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Re: (Most/Least) Favorite Doom (mod) weapon?

Post by xenoxols »

ATM's revolver. It sounds right, it looks right, it fells right, and it's useful.
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Re: (Most/Least) Favorite Doom (mod) weapon?

Post by demo_the_man »

Most vannila: shotgun, feels very balenced, with a decent rate of fire and very satisfying sound. It got even better with the psx sounds, which made it sound like you were behind a small cannon.
least Favorite vannila: super-shotgun its a good singleplayer weapon, but in deathmatch it makes it a one hit kill instagib fest.

Favorite mod weapon. The rifle from zdoomcomp2, with the underbarrel shotgun, decent rate of fire, high damage per shot,i used it about 1/2 of the time during my first playthough, using it to conserve ammo for bossfights and/or hordes of revenants and chaingunners.
Least mod weapon. probally the Mod which must not be named BFG, cmon man splash damage for a BFG ruins all the fun, making it into a slower firing rocket launcher.
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Re: (Most/Least) Favorite Doom (mod) weapon?

Post by TheMightyHeracross »

Demonsteele sword, my favorite weapon of all time.

Seriously, it's that awesome.
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Re: (Most/Least) Favorite Doom (mod) weapon?

Post by TheBadHustlex »

Instafun from RO. The old one, witht the triple-altfire-shot.
Sunder was never more fun to play.

The dual-revolvers from Trailblazer. Yes, they don't need ammo, but they are still completely useless against anything that's stronger then a zombieman.
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Re: (Most/Least) Favorite Doom (mod) weapon?

Post by SamVision »

Doom Rampage Edition, such brilliance has yet to be matched.
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Re: (Most/Least) Favorite Doom (mod) weapon?

Post by Reactor »

Favourite Doom WAD weapon? It's the AA-10 "Pantokrátor" from Russian Overkill.
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Re: (Most/Least) Favorite Doom (mod) weapon?

Post by Hellser »

Most Favorite: Vanilla Doom's Shotgun or similar (Smooth Doom's or Immoral Conduct's Sawed Off Shotgun)
Least Favorite: Vanilla Doom's Chaingun. Something about it just.. makes me cringe. Probably needs more damage.
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Re: (Most/Least) Favorite Doom (mod) weapon?

Post by Ichor »

Favorite weapon

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Re: (Most/Least) Favorite Doom (mod) weapon?

Post by Hellser »

Ichor wrote:Favorite weapon

Uhm. Blank space? Most of us have the portraits / user info on the right. ---->

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