The Merits of Doom 3

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Re: The Merits of Doom 3

Postby Darkcrafter » Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:25 pm

Despite my Classic Doom obsession I still think Doom 3 has a right to exist. It's just a different vision on what Doom should be. But it's closer to Doom 1 rather than to the 2nd regarding the story. I totally disliked such modern features like having a pocket mini computer full of stories making a detective out of the game and even worse touch pad switches. I always thought that Doom is more about hell with goodbad old skulls used as switches. The weapons weren't that good too. What was good with Doom 3 is the feeling of invasion and some constant pressure. So Doom 3 was better at story telling whereas Classic Doom player had to imagine a lot of things for themselves and that's probably the problem, so Doom 3 restricted a personal vision of the game as a whole.
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Re: The Merits of Doom 3

Postby Reactor » Thu Dec 06, 2018 7:47 pm

One thing which was absolutely flawless in Doom 3 is the "So you made it this far" at the very last level. I can't really tell you...dunno how to describe...but this was something so little, yet so awesome which actually made me smile. This was the only time in video-game history - as far as my knowledge goes - when the evil final boss speaks with admission and acknowledgement to the hero.

You see, Doom 3 has several of such small, seemingly insignificant things which can really bring out admiration from the player. :)
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