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Zone tagging

Posted: Mon Feb 21, 2022 12:41 pm
by Exl
Ever wanted to make manipulating groups of sectors easier? Or split a map up into zones to show enter\leave messages? Without having to resort to using lots of special linedefs and sector tags? I have, so I wrote a quick bit of ZScript and ACS to accomplish just that.

The demo MAP01 in the attached pk3 shows off a few things possible with this;

  • Displaying the title of each zone as you enter it
  • Changing the gravity inside a zone
  • Changing the sector color inside a zone
  • Adding\subtracting light from sectors inside a zone
With some imagination one could come up with more sector effects to apply on a per-zone basis.

It repurposes the sound environment zoning to do this. For each sound environment (separated by zoneboundary flagged lines) you can place a ZoneTag thing which can will assign a tag to that zone. The event handler takes care of tracking the tags and associated player data. When a player enters a new zone with a tag, some ACS is called to display the title of said zone. And there are some ACS functions to manipulate zone properties that way, for gravity, sector color and light. It can also set default property values for a zone, with data from an INI file (thanks to argv for the parser).