Cast Shadows

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Cast Shadows

Postby Hey Doomer » Wed Nov 03, 2021 3:50 am

CASTSPRITESHADOW offers control over what casts a shadow, so here's my take on implementing this with inclusion and exclusion arrays:

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// caster_events.zs

class caster_EventHandler : EventHandler
   Array<string> shadows;
   Array<string> noshadows;

   bool noshadow(string s)
      if (noshadows.Size()==0)
      return (noshadows.Find(s) != noshadows.Size());

   bool shadow(string s)
      if (shadows.Size()==0)
      return (shadows.Find(s) != shadows.Size());

   void WorldThingSpawned(WorldEvent e)
      string cn = e.thing.GetReplacee(e.thing.GetClassName()).GetClassName();
      e.thing.bCastSpriteShadow = (e.thing.bSolid && CVar.GetCVar("cast_solid"))
         || (e.thing.bMissile && CVar.GetCVar("cast_missile"))
         || (e.thing.bCorpse && CVar.GetCVar("cast_corpse")) || shadow(cn) || !noshadow(cn);

This presents a few more options if the GZDoom menu option is "Default," controlled by CVars:

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user bool cast_solid = true;
user bool cast_corpse = true;
user bool cast_missile = true;

Rather than select all monsters I have chosen SOLID actors, and what doesn't cast can be excluded. Still playing around with this, but that's the idea.
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