Script collection for moving things

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Script collection for moving things

Postby Alice Choffingshaw » Fri Aug 20, 2021 5:30 am


I created 26 scripts for smoothly moving things in every direction:

script 1 Move North (Y+)
script 2 Move East (X+)
script 3 Move South (Y-)
script 4 Move West (X-)
script 5 Move Up (Z+)
script 6 Move Down (Z-)
script 7 Move North-East (X+ Y+)
script 8 Move South-East (X+ Y-)
script 9 Move South-West (X- Y-)
script 10 Move North-West (X- Y+)
script 11 Move North and Up (Y+ Z+)
script 12 Move East and Up (X+ Z+)
script 13 Move South an Up (Y- Z+)
script 14 Move West and Up (X- Z+)
script 15 Move North and Down (Y+ Z-)
script 16 Move East and Down (X+ Z-)
script 17 Move South an Down (Y- Z-)
script 18 Move West and Down (X- Z-)
script 19 Move North-East and Up (X+ Y+ Z+)
script 20 Move South-East and Up (X+ Y- Z+)
script 21 Move South-West and Up (X- Y- Z+)
script 22 Move North-West and Up (X- Y+ Z+)
script 23 Move North-East and Down (X+ Y+ Z-)
script 24 Move South-East and Down (X+ Y- Z-)
script 25 Move South-West and Down (X- Y- Z-)
script 26 Move North-West and Down (X- Y+ Z-)

Params are TID, distance and speed.

Unfortunately, not all things can be moved this way, e.g. lights (those would have to be destroyed and spawned each tic).

But powerups can be used as bait to lure the player into a trap^^

Can be downloaded right here -> ... t.wad/file
Alice Choffingshaw

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