[ZScript] Weapon Scopes

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[ZScript] Weapon Scopes

Postby Boondorl » Sun Aug 15, 2021 1:33 pm

Weapon Scopes is a library for creating camera texture-based weapon scopes with ease. This library handles many difficult issues such as dealing with the viewport, resolution scaling, weapon sprite movement, etc. Many helper functions are included to make working with it easier in your states as well, allowing for easily programmable logic.

  • Scales and offsets automatically with the weapon sprite
  • Definable scope texture to render on top of it that automatically rotates with the weapon sprite and matches its alpha
  • Support for both interpolated and non-interpolated movement on all actions
  • Scope camera offsets that correctly account for yaw, pitch, and roll of the player
  • Custom properties that allow for easy set up
  • Fully functional multiplayer support
  • Support for all standard modern resolutions
Spoiler: "Videos"

See the included documentation to read more about what the scope weapon class does. This library comes with a test weapon that highlights the simplicity of setting up scope functionality. Note that User1 and User2 should be bound in order to make use of the scope zooming feature.

Requires GZDoom 4.5 or newer in order to work.

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