[help] loop through array

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zrrion the insect
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[help] loop through array

Post by zrrion the insect »

I have a shader:

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void main()
	vec3 colour = texture(InputTexture, TexCoord).rgb;
	vec3 cyan = vec3(0.0, 1.0, 1.0);
	vec3 rainbow[6] = {	vec3(0.93, 0.75, 0.60), vec3(1.00, 0.59, 0.23, vec3(0.97, 0.94, 0.30), vec3(0.75, 0.89, 0.30), vec3(0.72, 0.82, 0.93), vec3(0.92, 0.51, 0.90) };

	if (colour == cyan)	
		FragColor = vec4(rainbow[int(timer/35) % 6], 0.0);
		FragColor = vec4(colour, 1.0);
and in gldefs I have:

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HardwareShader PostProcess Screen
	Name "CyanShader"
	Shader "shaders/PostProcess/CYAN.fp" 330
	Uniform float timer
I am trying to get it to recolor all cyan on the screen to the colours in the array. Idealy it should switch colours after 6 tics.
Presently it will recolor cyan, but it does not cycle through the array. Could someone point me in the right direction?
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Pixel Eater
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Re: [help] loop through array

Post by Pixel Eater »

Do you already have the timer being sent from ZScript? Something like:

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class "Your Event Handler" : EventHandler
   override void RenderOverlay( RenderEvent e )
      Shader.SetUniform1f( players[ consoleplayer ], "Your Shader Name", "timer", gametic + e.FracTic );
Edit: Actually if you're going by ticks you could possibly use 'override void WorldTick()' instead of the RenderOverlay() stuff and leave off '+ e.FracTic'.

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