News from 27 July 1998

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News from 27 July 1998

Postby randi » Thu Jul 10, 2003 12:50 pm

ZDoom 1.14a released. Go to the Downloads section and get it!

Here's a list of changes:

Bugs fixed are:
  • No more crashing about freeing a pointer without ZONEID when changing levels.
  • Skies wider than 256 pixels are drawn correctly.
  • Monsters' heights are once again the same as they were in id's original DOOM, so certain areas work properly again.
  • Monsters shouldn't teleport into each other anymore.
  • Improved support for international keyboards.
  • The skill level chosen for a new game is no longer ignored if the new game is started while a demo is playing.
Cosmetic changes:
  • No more "sv_gravity changed to...", "skill changed to...", etc. messages in single player games.
  • Activating the player setup menu automatically stops any playing demos, since it doesn't work properly while they play.
  • Barrels don't go flying away when exploding anymore.
  • Added def_patch cvar to automatically load a DeHackEd patch each time the game is started.
  • ZDoom save games now use the name zdoomsv?.dsg instead of doomsav?.dsg.
This version also includes some preliminary BOOM support as I started
integrating some of the BOOM source code with ZDoom:
  • Medusa fix.
  • Openings limit removed.
  • Removed limit on switches and animations.
  • Added support for BOOM-like ANIMATED and SWITCHES lumps in PWADs.
  • Added support for BOOM-style scrollers (including conveyors).
  • Added partial deep-water support.
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