News from 22 July 1998

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News from 22 July 1998

Postby randi » Thu Jul 10, 2003 12:46 pm

ZDoom 1.14 released. Go to the Downloads section and get it!

Here's a list of changes:

Contrary to what I had expected to do with 1.14, true color has not yet
been implemented. However, I have made the following changes from 1.13:

Bugs fixed:
  • The bunny scroller at the end of E3M8 no longer crashes the game.
  • The IDKFA cheat gives the proper amount of armor again.
  • Demo recording works again.
  • Telefragging works again.
  • Picking up the invulnerability sphere displays the correct colors now.
  • DeHackEd patches containing text replacements no longer crash the game.
  • Printing a string containing "%s" to the console and then changing the video mode will no longer crash the game.
  • Chat mode finally works again.
  • If MIDAS can't initialize, you can still play the game but without sound.
  • Pistol and chaingun sounds no longer cut out when there are lots of
    zombie men shooting their pistols at you.
  • Mouse input should no longer be so jerky under Windows NT.
  • The crosshair is finally accurate for aiming.
  • Autoaim is properly remembered each time you start ZDoom.
  • Switches in the Ultimate Doom that aren't also in the shareware Doom properly change their appearance when switched.

New features:
  • Players can choose their own colors and names. (Player setup menu is included).
  • 8-player support (untested but should work).
  • Miscellaneous internal code changes have been borrowed from the BOOM source. (This does not mean that ZDoom supports BOOM levels yet.)
  • Cheats, chat messages, and gamestate changes are now recorded in demos.
  • Single-player demos recorded with ZDoom are generally smaller than before.
  • Quake 2-style deathmatch flags.
  • Cheats (optionally) work in multiplayer games.
  • Mode X is now supported under Win95, so all the machines that couldn't run ZDoom in 320x200 before should be able to now.
  • Fewer conditions result in error messages that quit the game. (If you have Heretic, try this: Start ZDoom with -file heretic and go to the console and type "MAP E1M1".)
  • Keys can repeat in the console.
  • The console and chat mode now use the localized keymap set with the Keyboard control panel.
  • Messages at the top of the screen now break along between words instead of in the middle of them.
  • Added -config command line parameter.
  • Added -fastdemo command line parameter.
  • Added new screenshot command. (bound to "Print Screen" key by default)
  • Added Quake-like +showscores command. (bound to "\" key by default)
  • Aliases are now saved in the config file.
  • Added support for multiple pitched sounds like in very old version of Doom. (Use the snd_pitched cvar to turn it on and off.)
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