News from 1 July 1999, five hours later

News about ZDoom, its child ports, or any closely related projects.
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News from 1 July 1999, five hours later

Postby randi » Thu Jul 10, 2003 1:39 pm

ZDoom 118test2 is now available. As with the previous version, it should be unzipped into a directory with a previous ZDoom installation. Changes from test1 are:
  • Fixed vertical aim clipping (BFG works again).
  • Fixed monster wandering.
  • Maps with mapthings of type 0 no longer generate warning messages.
  • Crushers that do no damage no longer act as if they inflict pain to actors.
  • The alias command lists aliases again.
  • Aliases are saved to the config file again.
  • A newer copy of ptc.dll should fix alt-tabbing problems in fullscreen mode.

Sorry, savegames are still disabled. If you find anything else wrong with it, why not post it on the discussion board?
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