News from 8 June 1999

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News from 8 June 1999

Postby randi » Thu Jul 10, 2003 1:31 pm

If you've been playing around with ZDoom editing, you may have noticed that the key numbers listed in the ZDoom Reference for the ACS_LockedExecute and Door_LockedRaise specials are wrong. Those numbers are from a prerelease version of ZDoom, and I forgot to change them. The correct numbers to use are:

0 None
1 Red key card
2 Blue key card
3 Yellow key card
4 Red skull key
5 Blue skull key
6 Yellow skull key
100 Any key
101 All keys

To accept either key of a given color, add 128 to one of the values for a key with that color. For example, to accept either a red key card or a red skull key, use a value of 129 or 132.

Wondering where ZDoom 1.17d is? OpenPTC 1.0.15 has problems restoring 256 color fullscreen displays after Alt-Tabbing away. I'm waiting for it to be fixed in 1.0.16. This gives me the chance to fix some bugs, so the wait is not a bad thing. As far as performance goes, the new OpenPTC is considerably faster when run in a window than the earlier version of PTC used by ZDoom 1.17c and older. Fullscreen is about the same, but that's what I expected.
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