News from 22 February 1999

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News from 22 February 1999

Postby randi » Thu Jul 10, 2003 1:16 pm

Just to clarify, if you want to be sure you have the very latest version of ZDoom, you should check the date stamp for the version you have. For both executables (zdoom.exe and zdoomdos.exe), this should be 2/21/99 11:49PM. If it's earlier than that, then you have an old version.

If you have Herian 2, there is also another way to find out if you have the latest version. In the third demo, the player starts by a "waterfall." If the sound from this waterfall is continuous without any breaks, then you have the latest version. If you occasionally hear it stopping, then you do not have the latest version of ZDoom.

If you use your web browser to download the files, you may need to flush your cache so that it actually redownloads ZDoom instead of giving you an old zip it had stored in its cache.
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