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ZDoom 2.2.0

Postby randi » Thu Feb 14, 2008 7:36 pm

After far too long, ZDoom 2.2.0 has finally been released. There have been a lot of changes—too many for me to list here—that can be found in the changelog. This release is also accompanied by a new version of ACC, which I quietly uploaded last night. Both are available from the standard place on the downloads page.

Short list of new features:
  • Custom damage types
  • Custom pain chances for custom damage types
  • Custom damage effectiveness to make monsters stronger/weaker against custom damage types
  • Custom state labels. Actors are no longer bound to Spawn, See, Death, etc. Users can define their own states.
  • User Constructable Statusbars
  • Custom Skill settings to modify or add user definable skill settings to the skill selection menu
  • most thing functions treat a tid of 0 as an activator tid.
  • Many things ported from skulltag including powerups and flags for increased port compatability
  • New D3D display code for better Vista support
  • Startup screens that mimic the MS-DOS versions of all games
  • ENDOOM lump support for displaying dos graphic lumps once zdoom quits
Long list of more additions, in approximate chronological order:
  • Custom blood on an actor by actor basis into decorate
  • Smart autoaim code to prevent the targeting of friendly monsters.
  • Skulltag-type armor bonus that increases the max amount that can be given by other armor items.
  • New flag that prevents bleeding actors from spawning blood decals.
  • Customizable border textures. They are defined with the MAPINFO keyword 'bordertexture' and are settable per map.
  • Custom label support for A_Chase and A_VileChase
  • r_maxparticles CVAR from Skulltag
  • Added Skulltag's REDMAP and GREENMAP
  • Player.RunHealth property to expose the StrifePlayer's behavior of not being able to run when its health is below 10.
  • Customizable gravity per actor
  • Summonfoe console command, which is analagous to summonfriend but forces the summoned creature to be hostile instead.
  • Damage-specific player pain sounds
  • Added two new MAPINFO flags to control what actor activates impact lines:
    • MissileShootersActivateImpactLines - the current behavior
    • MissilesActivateImpactLines - the original Hexen behavior
  • Damage-specific player death sounds, in the same fashion as the
    damage-specific player pain sounds. The game looks for a sound with a name like
    "*death-damagetype" first and then "*death" if the first sound didn't exist.
  • More player water sounds:
    • *dive - Played when your head goes below water
    • *surface - Played when your head goes back above water
    • *gasp - Played when you were drowning and get your air back
  • Using "*" with ACS's music commands will play the level's default music set in MAPINFO
  • Two new cvars (win_x and win_y) that keep track of the window position when not playing in fullscreen mode
  • Key bindings can now be printed with ACS
  • KEEPDEPLETED flag for inventory items to keep them in the player's inventory even when they have been used up. If the item also has an inventory bar icon, it will be drawn darkened while it is depleted.
  • IGNORESKILL flag for ammo that prevents the given quantity from being modified by the skill level
  • AttackZOffset for PlayerPawn. This is the offset from the center of the player at which their attacks are fired and scales according to their crouched height.
  • Added a new SetActorState ACS function:
    Code: Select allExpand view
    int SetActorState (int tid, str statename, optional bool exact);

    If tid is 0, it affects the script activator, otherwise it affects all the matching actors. Statename is the name of the state you want to put the actor in. The final parameter, exact, specifies whether or not partial state name matches are accepted. If you don't specify it or set it to false, if you try to do something like:
    Code: Select allExpand view
    SetActorState (0, "Foo.Bar");

    And the actor has a Foo state but no Foo.Bar state, it will enter the Foo state. If you set exact to true:
    Code: Select allExpand view
    SetActorState (0, "Foo.Bar", true);

    Then the actor must have a Foo.Bar state, or it will not change state at all, even if it has a Foo state. The return value for this function is the number of actors that successfully changed state. Note that you should refrain from using this function to enter special states such as Death, or unpredictable results could occur.
  • CANUSEWALLS flag which allows a monster to activate 'use' specials like doors. This flag is on by default for any monster, which was the previous behavior.
  • Thing_Stop action special
  • Skulltag's Drain and Regeneration runes as powerups and used specific player sounds for their sound effects
  • Skulltag's PowerQuadDamage and PowerQuarterDamage as more customizable PowerDamage and PowerProtection. These new powerups allow free customization of the damage modification per damage type by inheriting from these classes and setting specific values. Such derived damage/protection powerups will be considered as separate powers so that for example a QuadDamage and a DoubleDamage item can be stacked which would result in 8x damage.
  • Skulltag's high jump rune as a powerup
  • Skulltag's custom F1 help screen MAPINFO option
  • New flag that allows exploding items to hurt boss monsters
  • New flag that allows using things to execute their specials
  • Compatibility option to restore the original behavior of the Invisibility powerup
  • Telefrag option added to A_SpawnItemEx.
  • Added option to A_Chase that prevents the monster from moving.
  • Skill definitions from MAPINFO
  • 'Allowrespawn' MAPINFO option
  • New scoreboards
  • IWAD-based [*.Autoload] ini support for games that have more than one IWAD. They are:
    • [Doom1.Autoload]
    • [Doom2.Autoload]
    • [Plutonia.Autoload]
    • [TNT.Autoload]
    • [HexenDK.Autoload]
  • Custom status bars through the SBARINFO lump
  • New A_LookEx function
  • Customizable teams through the TEAMINFO lump
  • 'Take' console command to do the opposite of 'give'
  • UseInventory/UseActorInventory ACS functions
  • New A_CustomBulletAttack aimfacing parameter
  • New A_PlaySoundEx attenuation parameter
  • Automap markers are stored in savegames now
  • 'No respawn' DMFlag2 which prevents a player from respawning after they have died
  • 'Keep frags gained' DMFlag2 which allows you to choose whether you want to reset the frags of each player next level or not
  • Sector_Outside sector type which forces outside fog regardless of ceiling texture
  • User-defined crosshairs in the Display Options menu. See xhairs.txt in zdoom.pk3.
  • Skulltag's SAME_SPAWN_SPOT flag
  • Skulltag's pickup sprite for the pistol
  • Gneric log display that can show Strife's log messages in all games regardless of the current game, active status bar and HUD mode
  • GZDoom's alternate HUD.
  • Support for stencilling actors
  • .TXT files can now be loaded by simply dragging-and-dropping them on top of zdoom.exe
  • 'Ice' translation is accessible from DECORATE
  • Teamplay MAPINFO option.
  • Custom damage color per player class.
  • ACS script type "return". These are executed by players who return to a map they've previously been to.
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Re: ZDoom 2.2.0

Postby RazTK » Thu Feb 14, 2008 7:36 pm

The most stable version ever released? :)
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Re: ZDoom 2.2.0

Postby MasterOFDeath » Thu Feb 14, 2008 7:38 pm

Its about time. :P
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Re: ZDoom 2.2.0

Postby Enjay » Thu Feb 14, 2008 7:39 pm

Thank you kindly. :D
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Re: ZDoom 2.2.0

Postby Necromage » Thu Feb 14, 2008 7:48 pm

Awesome :D
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Re: ZDoom 2.2.0

Postby randi » Thu Feb 14, 2008 7:50 pm

RazTK wrote:The most stable version ever released? :)

Well, there haven't been any new bugs reported in the last few days, so I'm hoping it's good enough to last a while.
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Re: ZDoom 2.2.0

Postby Wills » Thu Feb 14, 2008 7:54 pm

A very balanced version number! My OCD impulses are calmed... for now. If I hadn't seen Enjy's link to this thread I would have never known ZDoom had been updated.
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Re: ZDoom 2.2.0

Postby Shadelight » Thu Feb 14, 2008 8:01 pm

Awesome, a new version after so long..and a new ACC too! :D
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Re: ZDoom 2.2.0

Postby Zippy » Thu Feb 14, 2008 8:07 pm

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Re: ZDoom 2.2.0

Postby Sodaholic » Thu Feb 14, 2008 8:10 pm

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Re: ZDoom 2.2.0

Postby DoomRater » Thu Feb 14, 2008 9:32 pm

That downloads link is busted, rofl.
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Re: ZDoom 2.2.0

Postby Unknown_Assassin » Thu Feb 14, 2008 9:34 pm



DoomRater wrote:That downloads link is busted, rofl.

Heh. I noticed that, too.
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Re: ZDoom 2.2.0

Postby Csonicgo » Thu Feb 14, 2008 10:34 pm


amazing how much Zdoom has changed from 2.1.7 to 2.2.0. Sadly, I'm used to the changes since I've been using the SVN's for months.
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Re: ZDoom 2.2.0

Postby zwouth » Thu Feb 14, 2008 11:45 pm

Valentine's Day Edition even :D
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Re: ZDoom 2.2.0

Postby Isle » Thu Feb 14, 2008 11:52 pm

thanks for the birthday present randy!
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