News from 22 December 1998

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News from 22 December 1998

Postby randi » Thu Jul 10, 2003 1:01 pm

Ten minutes ago, Randy released to me ZDoom 1.16. It has been posted on the downloads page. Go download it!

Bug fixes:
  • No more limit on size of savegames or demos.
  • Screen resolutions above 320x200 are now the proper brightness (they were too bright before.)
  • Improved the brightness of the console font.
  • Bullet puffs can show up on the floor and ceiling and not just walls.
  • Missile weapons can trigger gun activation lines.
  • Barrels now bounce around as much as they did in original DOOM. (They were too "inert" in 1.14.)
  • If a demo is being recorded, quitting the game normally will save the demo to disk. (Previously, you had to use the stop command to do this.)

New features for players:
  • Proper support for BOOM maps.
  • Mouse wheel support and weapnext/weapprev commands.
  • Doublebindings.
  • Better analog joystick support.
  • 180 degree turn command for keyboarders.
  • Damage done by a rocket to its shooter is configurable and defaults to the original Doom behavior.
  • User-configurable gender. (Even though I don't have any new player sounds, at least the obituaries are gender-aware. :-)
  • Teamplay mode.
  • New cvar to disable manual aiming of the BFG to prevent someone from shooting it at the floor and quickly triggering tracer damage before.
  • Maps no longer need to have as many deathmatch starts as there are players in a deathmatch game.
  • Support for Doom Legacy skins.
  • Rewrote the MIDI/MUS code so that it has a working volume control.
  • Many more console commands and cvars.
New features for editors:
  • Proper support for BOOM maps.
  • Obituaries are configurable with a .bex patch.
  • Moster paths
  • Colored lighting
  • Fog can be applied to only part of a level instead of all of it.
  • Per-sector gravity settings.
  • Support for up to 256 ambient sounds (as opposed to the limit of 64 in earlier versions).
  • Sector damage adjustable from between 0-255 points of damage.
  • Changable camera views.
  • The following editing features that were introduced in Hexen are also
    available in ZDoom:
    • Most line specials take arguments that modify their behavior.
    • ACS scripting.
    • Hubs.
    • Earthquakes.
    • Dormant monsters.
    • Trigger events to happen on monster deaths.
    • "Waggling" floors.
    • Pillar builders.
    • Push activation lines (walking into a wall can trigger an event).
    • Thing spawning (e.g. for traps/gifts).
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